Visual Art Work

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Pricing of Works

I’ve tried to create a wide range of prices and have sold pieces from $45 to $2000, depending on size, complexity and length of creative process.

Within the series concept, I’ve tried to again address the issue of keeping art affordable. Because I can streamline the creative process for a series, I can provide original individual pieces for less cost. I can also provide further discounts for patrons who purchase more than one piece in a series.

Please contact me for specific pricing details.

Artistic Materials

I’ve been working on a series of visual art pieces using recycled acrylic felt on acid free 140 lb paper, then mounted on acid free mat board.

NEW: I’ve just added a collection of pieces with Italian acid-free heavy-weight paper.

Frames and Glass

I prefer to sell pieces that are already in basic wooden frames, most of which include mat frames of 3 or 4 inches in width, and standard glass.  I recommend replacing the standard glass with either non-glare glass or plexiglass that has a high UV protection rating.  Here are some rough estimates of different kinds of glass and plexiglass options.

Sometimes frames are thought to be part of the artistry of the particular piece.  I’ve chosen wooden frames that are appealing to me but have no objection  to pieces being reframed to your liking.

Glass Pricing

For a sample glass size of 24 inches by 32 inches –     $30.35 regular window glass  /  $64.60 regular with UV protection  / $117 non-glare with UV protection  /  $99.27 non-glare plexi  /$142 conference glass, non-reflective & 99% UV protective  / $217.91 Museum glass, completely non-reflective & 99% UV protective.

Something to note is that plexiglass is lighter than glass, but tends to scratch more easily than glass.