Here is a place for you to express your response to the work. If you’d like to photograph the piece in the place where you have it displayed, you can email them to me and I can post the photos here as well. It would be nice to know where they have found their homes and how the pieces have influenced you and your spaces.

Thanks for your support!

6 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. Dean’s creations make my imagination dance on stepping-stones of poetic sensibility, leading to viewpoints that seem to have somehow escaped my attention, until now. That kind of giving form to the elusive does not come from imitation, or from wild abandon, but from a lifetime spent grappling with artistic challenges. In whatever medium, you can’t fake earned simplicity that transmits density, delight, beauty, and pathos. It takes committed labour, “down upon your marrow-bones / And scrub a kitchen pavement, or break stones / Like an old pauper, in all kinds of weather;” as Yeats put it in Adam’s Curse, over many years to arrive at a forcefulness and clarity of expression like that contained in these art works. The titles work in tandem and inform the pieces themselves. Very accomplished – like a good poem!

  2. Having known Dean for many years, and the privilege of having him as my teacher in the study of movement, I grew to honour his multidimensionality’s. The beauty was in knowing he allowed SPACE for my own unique expressions.
    I now continue to see this in his art work, which is an ongoing evolution of the expression of the Essence of Dean. I immediately see in front of me, simplicity, truth alignment, fluidity, expansion, playfulness, Joy, sweetness and gentle strength in all his pieces. This is who Dean is!! Continuously unfolding and expanding into MORE.
    Thank you Dean, for your unique expressions in this world!!

  3. Dean Fogal’s adventurous visual exaltations/explorations bring to mind Matisse’s late paper cuttings, First People’s bone carvings, and Paul Klee’s profoundly whimsical portraits of interior mental spaces. Their improbably gorgeous colors, however, suggest insects flitting through Brazilian rain forests or bioluminescent creatures on the deepest ocean floor. Dean Fogal the MOVER, invites the spectator’s thought to GLIIDE with his eye across felted surfaces and around sinuous curves of JUMP, LUNGE and FLING, delightfully, mysteriously and mischievously inviting the spectator to PLAY.

  4. This work invites you in, asks you to breathe and to be present, and to enjoy the experience you are having. It is playful, filled with colour, and light, and beautiful lines…it asks questions and leaves room for pondering answers. It takes me back to those days of the Corporeal mime studio and the fun we had!! and it is beautiful to see an artist who keeps evolving and changing….how lovely.

  5. Naomi’s summation very much brings to mind the gentle, playful, talented Dean I knew so long ago. Very much looking forward to this show!

  6. Hi Dean
    It has been years. It is so nice to see your art work, colours so vivid, shapes that move and dance. Good to see that you are doing well.

    Thought about you this evening because Alisha was talking about starting to use the now popular “Bullet Journal” , and speaking with her brought back memories of the creative day planner that you use to use and the one you set up for me.

    I live in Comox. My elderly mom, now 97 yrs old, has been living with me the past 12 years. I am retired, play bit of ukulele, and still do some painting.

    Good to see you online. Good luck and much success in whatever you do.

    Judy Bergeron

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