Galiano Art Show: Jan-Feb 2022

I feel very fortunate to be able to share a large number of prints and originals right now on the uniquely beautiful Galiano Island. The show at the Galiano Library started January 8 and runs till February 18, 2022. I’ll include here a poster for the event and photos of some of the work being shown. 

Coming Soon

When the weather gets warmer and covid restrictions allow, I’ve been asked to do a workshop for children on the island. There are also some upcoming opportunities with local galleries being discussed  in Vancouver.

Please feel free to email me with any questions or feedback on the show, or to request updates on upcoming shows.

I hope this finds you well in these crazy times,

Finding My Artistic Voice

This video gives a quick overview of different stages I’ve gone through, exploring formats as my perspective evolves. Each stage and medium allows for different ideas to come through.

Listen in as I walk you through my changes in materials and style over the past years and show you some of my work.

A Short Interview with Me

Come along as I take you through several key pieces that represent the past 10 years of my artistic process. I have gone through 5 distinct phases using different materials and tools including: Acrylic felt, Italian paper, printing with ink and acrylic, wire portraits, and acrylic on canvas.