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A Bit About Me

Dean Fogal

I’ve been a working artist all my life, and have also done many other things. I focused intensely on Mime, Physical Theatre, and developing training opportunities for actors. I’ve also pursued strong interests in architecture and design and have worked with emotionally challenged children and youth. In all of the areas I’ve worked in, creative development is always central, and in this latest chapter of my life, I’m focusing primarily on creating visual art.

My History with Theatre

Dean Fogal

After a 6 year apprenticeship period with Marcel Marceau and Etienne Decroux in Paris and Tom Leabhart in the US, I returned to my home base in Vancouver, Canada and got involved in the creation of the Firehall Theatre, and the saving of this historical landmark for the city. From my education, I found that I looked at theatre through Corporeal Mime eyes, and the physical elements were always most interesting to me.

I created and ran several Mime Studios and Arts Studios, including Room to Move, and the Corporeal Mime Studio in the following years. In 1996, I started Tooba Physical Theatre Centre, an actor’s training school, in collaboration with Kate Weiss. We ran a 2 yr intensive Diploma Program in physical theatre and attracted students from across Canada and around the world.

Recent Works

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Featured Works

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Coming Soon…

Each piece of artwork is currently being updated with:

  • image size, and framed measurements
  • mat width

Photography Highlights by Chara Berk